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All retail columnists, giftware bloggers, jewelry editors, feature writers, television and website producers are invited to contact world-renown jewelry designer John Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy’s story is inspiring and worth retelling. He understands what’s needed to make for an interesting and well-rounded piece. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable resource, as well as an affable, interesting and entertaining TV, radio, webcast guest, John Kennedy would be happy to work with you. High-res images are, of course, available. Email your press inquiries here.


“Two unique patented products captured attention at the JA International Show in New York. Cylettes by designer John Kennedy comprise cylinders of precious stones in a channel setting with holes drilled into the sides of the gold findings to let light travel through. The resulting glow does not contain the white spectral highlights of conventional cuts, revealing the strong, rich colors of the gemstones.” — Pat MacLean

DESIGNERS of the 21st CENTURY Magazine

“Two prominent high-fashion jewelry designers, J. Kennedy of J. Kennedy Design in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and Jean of Jean Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have begun a rare collaboration to produce stunning pieces unlike any others in the industry. Jean, born in France, brings his design sense and mastery of metals to the creations, while J. Kennedy contributes his sense of color and the use of his innovative Cylettes®—colored gemstones cut in a fashion that gains beauty through light transmission rather than reflection…”


“Thanks to designer John Kennedy of J. Kennedy Designs, jewelry lovers have more to choose from than just faceted or cabochon gems. Now they can choose jewelry featuring unique colored stone cylinders. These gem cylinders, called “Cylettes,” come in a wide variety of colors from citrine to blue topaz to every shade of tourmalimne…”


JCK – Supplement to Jewelers’ Circular Keystone (Cahners)

“Jewelry designer John J. Kennedy is one of only a dozen bench artists to patent a jewelry manufacturing process in the 20th century. His two patented processes —channell- and aperture-setting of cylinder gemstones, or “Cylettes” — aren’t terribly complex. But there’s been nothing easy about getting where he is today.”



“John J. Kennedy, of Kennedy Jewelers, USA has patented a jewellery-making technique called Cylettes which features channel-set, cylindrical-cut gemstones. Apertures cut into the sides of the gold findings allow light to travel through the Cylettes resulting in an even, smooth glow.”


JQ Magazine

“Jewelry designer John Kennedy has taken his Cylettes® designs onto the high seas. His unique cylindrical-gemstone jewelry is becoming increasingly popular in the high-end stores on 150 luxury lines around the world. The jewelry line includes black onyx, black tourmaline, mother of pearl, opal, gold and diamonds — a classy look designed to appeal to people who appreciate the finer things of life and are in no rush to get anywhere.”

LJ Magazine (Lapidary Journal)

“With gems cut in long cylinders that are visible both lengthwise and in cross-section, a designer displays gemstone color for all it’s worth.” —Annie Osburn


LUSTRE The Jewelers Magazine on Design & Style

“John Kennedy of J. Kennedy Design is considered the pioneer of cylindrical-cut colored stones.”

“Some might say that jewelry designer John Kennedy has been working as an illusionist. After all, the artisan can make white diamonds appear to be green, or orange, or blue, or a myriad of colors. Kennedy then works his particular brand of “magic” by transmitting natural light through a colored gemstone, which, in turn, changes the diamonds set on the sides of the mounting from their white color to the various shades of the colored gem.”

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