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“Our clients are well-heeled, well-traveled and well-educated, they have a sincere appreciation for artistry and quality workmanship.”

The beginnings of John Kennedy’s penchant for jewelry design can be traced back to the inspiration of a high-school girl. One day during class, she mentioned to John that she would love to have a “spoon” ring that were the trend at the time.

Wanting to please the young lady, John spent the next several Metal Shop classes making her the coveted ring. When presented with the silver creation, the girl was thrilled and amazed at her classmate’s thoughtfulness and craftsmanship. Word soon spread about John’s handiwork and presto — a fledgling jewelry design business specializing in customer service was born.

The ensuing years found John working hard to hone his craft and delighting jewelry aficionados with a collection of wearable art that to this day is unsurpassed for its beauty, design and élan.


John Kennedy’s Cylettes® are not only a must-have for women who possess a refined sense of style, but also the line is equally popular with men of discerning tastes. “Women love the sheer beauty of my jewelry, while men are intrigued by the engineering aspects of my art and my patented work. However, both understand that you don’t merely purchase a piece of my jewelry, you make an investment in a piece of art; an investment that will surely appreciate over time,” offers Kennedy.

Never forgetting his early years, the master jeweler continues to be a champion for his clients’ desires by creating wearable art that speaks to them on various levels. “My work is unlike anything you have ever seen. Each stunning piece is hand-crafted to complement personal style and to be as diverse, as discriminating, and as individual, as the wearer.”


Choose from a light-filled array of J. Kennedy Design Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Cufflinks and Pins -- wearable art heirlooms to be proudly worn for generations to come. To learn how to start your collection, please click here.

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