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Worldwide Acclaim

"People everywhere value innovative design, admire creativity, and love naturally beautiful things."

The international clamor for jewelry designs by John Kennedy are thanks in large part to his frequent travels abroad. Between his ongoing global search for precious gems and his participation in hundreds of European design exhibitions, the master jeweler developed an impressive clientele. Heads of state, royalty, corporate executives, and celebrities are counted among an infinite number of J. Kennedy Design collectors. To this day, those distinguished patrons remain loyal clients of John Kennedy, an honor the artisan holds in high-esteem.

“Whether I’m creating a unique piece for a former U.S. President, discussing the design nuances of my work with Swiss collectors or introducing my wearable art to Jackson Hole or Parisian gallery-goers, I have found that despite vast cultural differences, there are a few key areas where we all come together.”

Throughout the years, J. Kennedy Design’s cutting-edge line of wearable art has been mounted in the finest galleries from Tokyo and Santa Fe to Frankfurt and Hawaii, in addition to hundreds of high-profile domestic and overseas venues. Wherever John Kennedy’s work has appeared — the International Jewelry Shows in New York, Las Vegas, and Switzerland, the Tucson Design Center in Arizona, the Jackson Hole Western Design Conference, Germany’s Intergem Show, or numerous boutiques aboard an elite group of six-star cruise lines — collectors, industry colleagues, and the media recognize and applaud the master jeweler’s creative genius.


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