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What Exactly are Cylettes®?

Cylettes® (pronounced sill-etts) are unlike any gemstones you have ever worn or have ever seen. In fact, the government couldn’t agree more and has backed up that statement by issuing John Kennedy two U. S. patents and a registered trademark for his innovative design concept. (An unprecedented turn of events for any jewelry designer before or since.)

You see, up until the introduction of Cylettes® at the New York Jewelers of America show, there were no other gemstones on the planet which had the ability to transmit light. Conversely, however beautiful diamonds, rubies, emeralds or other sought-after precious gems are, they can only reflect the light since they are cut with traditional facets. The sparkle of those traditionaL gems, quite simply, pale in comparison to Cylettes® — perfectly symmetrical cylinders, which are skillfully engineered by hand in a way that absorbs and radiates a spectacular light from within. And that’s the Cylettes® difference. The “Wow!” factor of Cylettes® is largely due to the pinpoint precision by which the gemstones are cut; a technique that took years to perfect and can be accomplished by only a few of the world’s master craftsmen. The cylindrical shape serves as a lightening rod of sorts, which allows light to pass directly through the stone to reveal its magnificence.


I Was Gifted a Gorgeous Piece from the “Capture Set Series,” but the Diamond in the Cylettes® Setting Moves Around a Bit. Should I be Concerned?

Please don’t fret. The stone in the mounting has been designed to move. Really! In the pieces found in the J. Kennedy Design’s “Capture Set Series” traditional cut gemstones and diamonds are actually set by the Cylettes®, which anchors the other gemstones in place. So, in this series, the movement is perfectly normal. In traditional jewelry and gemstone settings movement, however minor, would be cause for alarm as the stones are held in place by tension. In this instance, if a stone becomes loose, the risk of losing it is pretty much inevitable. Again, rest assured, the gemstones in this series will never fall out. Think of J. Kennedy Design’s “Capture Set Series as “Artistry in Motion.”


Considering the Uniqueness of Cylettes®, Will My Jewelry Require Any Special Care?

Many of the gemstones — amethyst, citrine, agate, fire opal, among others — used in the creation of Cylettes® are semi-porous by nature. To retain their brilliance, we recommend you do not subject the jewelry to hand-cream, lotions, household cleaning solvents, perfume, shampoo, dish detergent, et cetera. When washing your hands while wearing a Cylettes® ring, please rinse hands thoroughly with clear water. As you would with traditional jewelry, have your Cylettes® cleaned periodically by a professional jeweler. And in terms of cleaning, it is perfectly safe to put your Cylettes® into an Ultrasonic bath. That particular cleansing method will ensure your Cylettes® jewelry stays as incredibly beautiful as the day you first started your collection. And a final note: To reiterate, the traditional cut gemstones featured in the “Capture Set Series” are held in place by the Cylettes® and are designed to be loose. If your jeweler brings this to your attention, just let them know that this piece of jewelry was created that way and all’s well.


Does J. Kennedy Design Offer a Warranty on My Purchase?

 Every amazing piece in the Cylettes® jewelry collection carries a Warranty against defects in workmanship. Since Cylettes® are only available by J. Kennedy Design, all repairs and replacements can only be made by J. Kennedy Design. All alterations, including ring sizing, not performed by J. Kennedy Design will void the Warranty. Concerns and questions regarding the care, replacement or repair should be directed to J. Kennedy Design. In most cases, as long as the piece has not undergone unusual abuse, the cost of repair is quite negligible.

We hope your questions have been answered. If not,please contact our office for a speedy reply.


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