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Contour Aperture Series

Master jewelry designer J. Kennedy flaunts his passion for architecture and introduces the Contour Aperture Series. This second generation of the Aperture Series takes a design detour onto a slightly shapelier path. Somewhat mirroring the original Series, the Contour Aperture Series is also fashioned with the Cylettes® passing through the sidewalls of the mounting, leaving the ends of the gemstones open, allowing light to emit from within. What’s more, the exceptionally colorful multidimensional effect that both designs achieve is astounding. However, that’s where the parallel ends. Look closely at some examples of the Contour Aperture Series shown here and you will notice that the sides of the mounting aren’t flat, as in the first generation. Instead, the sides of the mounting are concave or convex, due to the nature of the designs the Cylettes® will, at times, present an oval shape on the sides of the piece. Now that’s one very curvaceous statement.


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