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Color Change Aperture Series

Master jeweler, John Kennedy, presents the hallmark of innovation with the introduction of the Color Change Aperture Series. The remarkable design — never even imagined in the world of jewelry and gems — redefines the word “unique.” To illustrate how the Color Change Aperture setting has been created, let’s start with a traditional faceted gemstone — a diamond, for example. It is set on the side of the mounting in front of the Cylettes®. In average lighting the diamond appears to be naturally white. However, watch what happens when the intensity of the indoor or outdoor lighting increases: The diamond magically changes color from white to the color of the Cylettes®. And, as the lighting dims, the white diamond reappears. Quite simply, the Color Change Aperture Series is a revolutionary J. Kennedy design that harnesses lighting in the most brilliant fashion ever.


Invest, gift, or collect one or more unique pieces of wearable art from the design studio of the world-renown master jeweler, J. Kennedy.

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