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Capture Set Series

Applauded for its design genius, the Capture Set Series is what many jewelry industry leaders refer to as an engineering marvel. Here, J. Kennedy Design actually uses gemstones to mount gemstones. We would venture to guess you have never heard of such a thing. Unlike typical jewelry designs where the diamonds and other gemstones are set in metal by metal, the Capture Set Series — an exclusive of J. Kennedy Design — features traditional cut gemstones and diamonds that are actually set by the Cylettes®. These amazing cylinders of color not only complement and magnify the beauty of the design, they also function to hold the other gemstones in place. What’s striking about the Capture Set Series is that the gemstones appear to be magically floating in mid-air, without being encumbered by the usual metal fastening the stones in place. Another interesting feature of the Capture Set Series is that all diamonds and gemstones slightly move around in the mountings. Why? Well, if the piece is accidentally dropped, the fact that the gemstones have freedom of movement in the mounting safeguards them against damage. The bottom line is that the Capture Set design not only captures attention — it also captures the gemstones so they are completely secure in the mounting and will never, ever fall out.


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