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Aperture Series

The Aperture Series represents the artisan’s signature work and is the second setting technique by J. Kennedy Design to receive a U. S. Patent. A clear departure from traditional gemstone setting, the Aperture Series is skillfully designed so that the Cylettes® pass completely through the sidewalls of the mounting. The method — exclusive to J. Kennedy Design — leaves the ends of each Cylettes® cylinder exposed and flush with the metal. Now, since the cylinder ends are open in the setting, the opportunity for light to directly pass through them is clear and ever-present. The result? The piece of jewelry is now multi-dimensional which affords wearers a masterfully designed creation that actually allows the gemstones to emit a richer, deeper and more magnificent color from all angles.


Invest, gift, or collect one or more unique pieces of wearable art from the design studio of the world-renown master jeweler, J. Kennedy.

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